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Types of Vape Devices

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There are countless types of vape devices on the market. Before jumping into the first starter kit that strikes your fancy, it’s worth exploring some of the most popular devices. They’re popular for a reason, after all.

The 510-T series is the most commonly seen type of electronic cigarette. They’re a compact and portable electronic vaping device that are simple to operate and have dozens of great modifications available to customize the e cig in order to create a more customized vaping experience.

Another very popular type of device is the EGO Series. It’s a slightly larger and more rugged model able to produce a vapour with a more robust flavour. It makes use of clearomizer technology, which makes it incredibly easy to refill. The large battery and tank capacity are ideal for users who spend a lot of time away from their charger.

For more detailed information about the most popular e cigs on the market today, head over to the most respectable vape shop in Canada. Their knowledgeable and experienced staff will be happy to point out the unique advantages of each device they carry. It could mean the difference between a mediocre vape from an unknown company and a great vaping experience made possible by the best in the industry.
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Exploring the different types of vape devices and e liquids on the market today is vital to obtaining the best possible e cig for your personal needs and tastes. Some of the most popular units around can be found at the finest vape shop in Canada.


The Elips series of electronic cigarettes is one of the best choices for anyone looking to experience a high quality e cig. The starter kits are reasonably priced and include everything required to start vaping immediately. The deluxe starter kit from the best online retailer includes two lithium batteries, two mouth pieces, five 1.5ml tanks, a USB charger, 20 milliliters of e liquid, a needle tip e liquid bottle and an instruction booklet.

E Liquids

Finding the best types of vape e liquids isn’t as complicated as it might seem. Just find the most reputable shop supplying e juice from the most sought after Canadian manufacturers like Dvine, Mother Earth Organics and Flavor Crafters. Don’t trust e liquids from unknown companies.
The wide selection of types of vape devices and accessories is best investigated by visiting Canada’s most respectable purveyor of fine electronic smoking devices. Speak with their knowledgeable staff to learn more about the options available to you.
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